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Oxygen Concentrator Longfian Jay-5

Oxygen Concentrator Longfian Jay-5


Medical Oxygen Concentrator 

Development of urbanization with more energy consumption has brought about some negative impacts on human health. Pollution caused by automobile exhaust and industrial gases lead to higher incidence for respiratory diseases which usually occur on the trachea, bronchi, lungs or the chest. Patients suffering from respiratory diseases may feel difficult to breathe and are incapable to ingest enough oxygen. Some may even die from organ failure.
A high quality medical oxygen concentrator will be greatly helpful for the adjuvant therapy for patients with respiratory diseases.

  • Oxygen delivery outlet with a concentration higher than 90% and less than 50 dB makes noise during use.
  • Designed with a solid structure, the machine components are wear resistant and durable.
  • It will help relieve symptoms of the disease and the balance of vital energy and blood in your body.
  • Manufactured under the ISO9001 standard.

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