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Two-way Foley catheter Latex  5ml balloon. Adult

Two-way Foley catheter Latex 5ml balloon. Adult


Continuous bladder drainage for diagnostic purposes
and / or therapeutic.

  • Prepared natural latex rubber, silicone coated to enhance its resistance to cracking, aid insertion, reducing irritation of the urethral duct and
  • embedding deposits within the probe.
  • Smooth surface finish, free from irregularities and imperfections in its exterior and interior that may affect their appearance or operation.
  • Punta lateral eyes with a traumatic designed to promote maximum drainage.
  • Self retentive balloon and / or hemostatic channel independent swelling that does not obstruct the drainage channel being blown.
  • Calibre of the probe and balloon fill volume, printed in the central branch.
  • The distal end of the probe has 2: the side to inflate the balloon and the center, to allow normal drainage, the latter has printed the caliber of the probe and the filling capacity of the globe.
  • Channel inflated with self-sealing diaphragm valve with luer universal input which remains stationary during inflation or deflation of the balloon.
  • Individual double blister packaging packaging for optimum handling sterile technique.
  • ┬áSterile, disposable

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