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Razor Scalpel per pack

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metal cutting device developed
based on carbon steel, sterilized with gamma rays,
disposable and non-toxic. The finish on all edges
and uniform surface, free of burrs, cracks,
fractures, grind marks, scratches, rough areas,
notches, corrosion, pores or overlay material.
In addition to the above features final polishing is
mirror, satin and crocus. Sturdy and perfect fit
with the handles.

  • Mirror finish which leaves have a highly reflective polished surface except the edge of the leaves, where the finish must be crocus.
  • Glazing: Finishing which sheets have a smooth surface with low reflectivity, corresponding to the finish produced by grit abrasive for metal No. 200 and a final polishing with a soft disk or equivalent process, except in the edge of the sheets, where the finish must be crocus.
  • Crocus: Finishing wherein the cutting edge or area of the sheet has a soft finish grinding marks in one direction, perpendicular to the cutting edge. This finish is equivalent to that produced by an abrasive sanding metal No. 240 or an equivalent process.

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